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OMEGA Global is one year of your life dedicated to God and others through discipleship and mission. OMEGA is an one-year intercultural certificate program at Summit Pacific College. It stands for One Year Ministry Education with Global Awareness.

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OMEGA Global is designed to prepare students to broaden their global perspective and demonstrate how that impacts their local faith. Our desire for students who enrol in the OMEGA Program is that they would be leaders in their respective communities, completely engaged with the local church and the call that God has designed for them! This is accomplished through academic study in ten SPC courses that range from Apologetics to Intercultural Communication to Team Ministry. Further, students can use their earned credits for further education in universities and colleges. The impact OMEGA has on the HEADS of students is to deepen their faith in preparation for life, faith and mission.


Students join the OMEGA Global program for a variety of reasons: adventure, escape, opportunity. However, the most common and uniting reason is growth/change. It is our belief that OMEGA Global students have the capacity to engage in spiritual formation through the mentoring and discipleship of our directors, who love the opportunity to build and encourage students in their faith. Student's hearts will be molded if they are willing to let God work!




OMEGA Global is a unique one year program. It is academic. It is centered around spiritual formation. Yet, it is also practical. Each year, OMEGA Global serves over 10,000 hours locally, 10,000 hours internationally and raises over $10,000 for international development projects! Our students accomplish this through partnering with local churches and para-church ministries throughout the year, experiencing a 3.5 week international missions trip and through engaging our local businesses and individuals to advance God’s mission globally. OMEGA Global spends student's nine months effectively and practically through service.