Caleb | HEAD 

When I came into my OMEGA year, I was there because I had nothing else planned. I was less than passionate about my faith, I knew very little about what I “believed” and what was in the Bible, and honestly I had no desire to know more. I had come to hang out with friends and to go on a trip to Thailand. I expected to enjoy the trip. What I didn’t expect was to enjoy my classes. They were one of my favourite parts of the year.
I learned so much about the Christian faith and what we believe. Classes like Apologetics taught me how to defend my faith, and to this day I use some of the tactics I learned in that class when having conversations with others about Christianity. Spiritual Issues introduced me to my spiritual gifts, and encouraged me to use them in new and exciting ways. Pentecostal Distinctives showed me a new side of the Holy Spirit that I had never seen before, and made me want to go deeper in my relationship with Him. The things that I learned in these classes made me re-evaluate my faith, gave me a new desire to learn more, and renewed my passion for God.
Throughout the year, through classes and conversations with my interns and professors, a Biblical foundation on my faith was built. I knew very little going into OMEGA, and although I have much to learn still, I now have a strong foundation that carries me through conversations with others, times of doubt in my life, and causes me to desire to learn more. The things you will learn here will bring you deeper in your relationship with God, and will set you up well for the rest of your life, wherever God takes you. Come see for yourself, and build the foundation that you will be able to continue to build off of.

Alesia | HEART 

There were many instances throughout my OMEGA year that greatly impacted the way I choose to live for God. God seemed to always be speaking through chapels, mentoring times and ministries, but I won't forget one evening at our soup kitchen ministry in Aldergrove when one of my teammates and I had a heavy conversation with one of the men that came to eat every Tuesday. He was a strong atheist and no matter what we said he seemed to always have something to contradict it. This lasted the entire evening and when we said goodbye our team rallied around each other as we processed the heaviness of the conversation and began to pray and sing to God. I left that building that night choosing not to be afraid and remembering who I have placed my trust in. I could have left afraid to come back but instead I was excited. This mindset has continued to impact my choices. Because of what I've seen God do in moments like this in my time with OMEGA I know that I am never alone and that I have no reason to fear because my heart has learned to trust God with everything that comes my way.

Alana| HANDS 

The purpose of hands in OMEGA is to gain practical ministry experience. Once a week during the year we volunteer throughout our local community at churches and non-profits before spending a month overseas doing missions work. Last year my team and I volunteered with an organization in Surrey called Nightshift. It was one of the most impactful night of the my week. We made friends who lived on the streets and saw multiple miracles! We saw a couple of our friends leave addiction and one man healed completely of burns. This was followed by a trip to Poland at the end of the year, that blew our expectations out of the water. We saw dozen’s of miracles and made friends that we are still in contact with almost a year later. The biggest thing about the hands part of OMEGA is that well you do impact the people around you it impacts you the most! I left the year with a strong relationship with God and a desire to share the gospel with everyone around me. The year as a whole impacted me in a way I could have never imagined, and it could impact you to!