Our Team


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Jase Lavigne | Director 

Jase Lavigne, husband to Emma, currently serves as the OMEGA Global Director at Summit Pacific College. He has a firm belief that he has ‘peaked early’ because leading OMEGA is his DREAM JOB. Jase has been a part of OMEGA for the last nine years in different capacities such as student, student leader, intern, overseer, donor and now director. He has a passion for mission and travel as he has travelled to twenty-two countries and been on mission to areas such as New Orleans, Brazil, Thailand, Mexico, Poland, and at home in Canada on different missions experiences. Jase has ferocious appetite for education.  He graduated from Summit in 2013, while refusing to become part of #CanuckNation, and spent two years pastoring students in Simcoe, ON until his return to the West Coast. He has earned his Graduate Certificate in Pentecostal Theology from the Summit Pacific College School of Graduate Studies and is currently working on his Masters of Business Administration at Trinity Western University. He is a sports enthusiast, board game strategist and cereal fanatic but first and foremost, a follower of Jesus. Jase is from Ontario but has a passion for British Columbia and it’s students north to south. His life is purposed to point people towards Jesus in every setting.

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Vicky Boldt | Assistant Director  

Victoria Boldt is many things. She is proudly both Irish and ginger, a wife, and the Assistant Director of the OMEGA Global program at Summit Pacific College. Vicky bleeds OMEGA. She was formerly a student, student leader, intern and now director. She has travelled around the world with OMEGA and plans to continuing that trend in the years to come. She graduated from SPC with her focus on Counselling Foundations. One of her favourite parts of her job is the opportunity she gets to mentor young woman towards a love for and faith in Jesus. Victoria is a small town farm girl who found a love for Jesus and travel when she was young, which makes Omega the perfect fit for her. She was a part of Jase’s OMEGA team and loves the opportunity to work alongside one of her best friends. She is a fan of tea, beige coffee, and all things warm and cosy. She believes without doubt that God has placed her on earth to help people smile, sit with them as they cry, and find hope in Jesus. OMEGA is the ministry that enables Vicky to do just that!