Course Requirements & Transferability

The OMEGA one-year discipleship program begins in September and continues for nine consecutive months. OMEGA Global includes a short term mission trip to a foreign country. The "intercultural missions" experience is mandatory for all students in OMEGA Global. To date, OMEGA teams have ministered in countries such as Brazil, Britain, China, Czech Republic, Estonia, Guatemala, Romania, Russia, Slovakia, Sri Lanka, Thailand, Uganda, Ukraine, and the U.S.A. Costs for each mission trip will be indicated on the current college cost sheet.

Students who successfully complete the OMEGA program will have 24 college credits and 6 discipleship credits. The college credits may be transferred into any of the other academic programs at Summit. Discipleship courses do not count toward the B.A. in General Studies.


Spring Semester: 

DISC 102 Pentecostal Distinctives
DISC 104 Team Ministry
DISC 106 Church Ministry II
THEO 121 Doctrinal Survey
RELS 236 Intercultural Communication

Fall Semester: 

RELS 101 Spiritual Formation
DISC 105 Church Ministry I
BIBL 111 Bible Survey
RELS 133 Religious Conversion
RELS 134 Apologetics

All courses are three credits each.

OMEGA Global courses are taught on the Summit campus. Students live in dormitories on the college campus. A discipleship emphasis includes personal mentoring and community life. Ministry outreach includes a variety of ministry experiences in the local church as well as non-church related ministries. The program ends with a 3-4 week international missions experience.


Per SemesterPer Year
Tuition & Trip$ 3,975$ 7,950
Room & Board $ 3,000$ 6,000
Student Fees$ 300 $ 600
Total Program Cost $ 7,270 $ 14,550

Omega Students should be prepared to spend approximately $200 per semester for books.

Omega Students are also responsible to pay for the following extra travel expenses as required: backpack, passport, travel visa, vaccinations, and travel insurance.

Note: Due to unforeseen changes in airline ticket prices and exchange rates, there may be a slight surcharge added to the Spring 2020 invoice.

For a full cost sheet, click here