Team D | Update #3

Chantiel | May 6th  

Today was such a fun day! we started the day off by taking taxi’s to the orphanage for an hour. We got to do lots of fun songs with lots of actions with the kids! The kids were all so fun and full of energy! It was really eye opening to see and hear about how many orphans there are in Asia. The kids really capture your heart! It was very cute to see them all watch in awe as we all talked in English. I would have the kids grabbing my hand and leading me over to the translator so they could hear me talk to the translator in English. Leaving the orphanage was hard because I just wanted to stay there and play with them all day but hopefully we will get another chance to come back to the orphanage. Today the weather was crazy! It was super hot and sunny one minute and the next it was raining harder than I’ve ever seen before (a good reminder to always bring your umbrella). Today I had four different people off the streets stop me and ask to take a picture with me. I feel like I’m famous! We got to go to fellowship today and it was so fun! Graham and I got to teach Sunday school! After fellowship we got to go out for dinner with a bunch of people! The food here is so good! I am looking forward to more opportunities to be the community as the trip continues. 

Ana | May 7th

Today was our first day teaching ESL (english second language) to the students at the university. We have been able to observe the teachers of the class in their style and approach to teaching and today it was our turn to make the lesson our own! We teach the students and have time to connect with them at the end of each class, and show each other pictures of lives in Canada, while learning more about their culture as well. I have loved connecting with the students because it has lead to more opportunities to hang out with them, go to meals together, and just enjoy being able to find community across the globe. We had four classes to teach today, and our last one ended at 6:00, just in time to go to dinner with our new friends here. Graham, Tanisha, and I ended up going to the grocery store with them, where we found everything from food, toys, milk that doesn't need to be refrigerated and a place to get your hair cut for $2 Canadian. Once we all ended up back at home we debriefed and really took the time to share what we were learning and personally experiencing, and asked the Father to fulfill those who needed a bit of extra encouragement. During this time a crazy thunder and lightning storm was going on, always a bit of extra excitement here, no matter whats going on. If our team ever crosses your mind, we ask for thoughts of support and encourage us to keep up our energy and desire to see more opportunities to connect with the students, as we’ve seen so impactful it has been! Thanks everyone! See you soon!  

Jeremy | May 8th

This was probably the first morning where we did not sweat buckets on our way to the school to teach! It is amazing how far a little bit of encouragement can go when we tell our students how well their english is! It is fun watching Team D teach about our culture, but also cool to see them take in some of the culture here as well! The food here is 12938719287129874124 out of 10, you can’t really go wrong! Aidan, Jacob and myself got a chance to try some pigs blood and surprisingly enough, it was not bad at all! I have to say that out of all the dudes, my dude Aidan is the most adventurous when it comes to eating food which I love to see! Aside from all this food talk, we are connecting with a fair amount of students / locals out here, hearing their stories and sharing ours, more and more opportunities are opening! Even with the language barrier, its always a good reminder that when we are willing, the Father will use anything and everything that we are willing to offer! So to my own surprise, I have been able to use my second language to better connect with the people around here (Fun fact, I am a grade 4 school drop-out)! As a team we are all flexible and willing to see where else these doors are going to take us, and if you are ever thinking of us, we ask for well rested nights, and an excitement that is filled with joy that continues to spark up curiosity for the people around us, as it already has been and we are hopeful that it continues! 


Josh Reynolds