Team A | Update #3

Lauryn | May 8th

Today was such a good day today. The beginning of our day was grabbing breakfast and walking along the beach together. I had put my feet in the ocean so they were muddy, and I was in the process of washing them in a dirty puddle when an elderly man came over and stopped me so he could wash and dry them for me out of the kindness of his heart. It impacted me because that man was so willing to serve, and that convicted my willingness to serve others. Would I jump at the opportunity to serve someone like that? It shows that small things have the ability to make a big impact on someone and I experienced that first hand today. The rest of the day was filled with teaching classes, eating good food, learning the language and hanging out with students. I was extremely blessed by so many people today! 

Alesia | May 9th

My heart continues to expand as the father teaches me and shows me new things with each passing day in the country of Asia. There is more then I can fit in the small paragraph I have the privilege of writing. I am learning that the Father breaks through stereotype and that people are not always what they seem. Today I was met with the smiles of many people who back at home I would have walked by wishing I could share a piece of joy with them but being too afraid to do so. An elderly man with blackened teeth showed my friend a kindness wrapped in humility that I never expected from the people of Asia. An older woman sat on an old tin can and stole my heart with a smile so bright and beautiful that did not deserve to be met by the reflection of her situation. How do I let that change me? I am not staying here forever. I am so hungry to help and see beauty here; how do I let the love for the students I meet here impact the way I love the most unloved at home? The father is showing me daily that what happens here can make a permanent change in my life for the sake of the world. Please continue to ask the father for confidence, assurance and reliance on the him. 

P.S thinking of you Fam. All my love, Alesia

Josh Reynolds