Team D | Update #2

Graham | May 3rd

What a fun day! Today all of our Omega teams went off into their own location; it was full of good lucks and goodbyes. Team D traveled to our next location on a bus and it was full of lovely sights. When we got to our location we were met with such a beautiful place and everyone was staring at us! We took a trip to the mall to get snacks and tried new foods but stuck with what we knew, Starbucks to get our coffee. After our trip to the mall the team went to a market and explored the exciting culture. Everywhere we went people were staring at us! Some people were even taken pictures of us! We ate dinner in a wonderful restaurant with delicious food and the team loved it. After dinner the team picked up breakfast and water for the next day and two of our teammates got rides on a little electric bike! As it got darker the shops and the markets began to light up the street’s with neon lights and the roads were filled with cars and bikes. Team D had a great day and we are excited to continue our time in our new location. 

Brittney | May 4th

Today was such a great day. I love our location so much. It’s so green and beautiful and peaceful. We had these super good buns and mango’s the were so good for breakfast. We went for a beautiful walk around a super nice park. Our new friends are super friendly and a blast. I love talking to them and hearing about their stories and experiences. We sat in on our first university ESL lesson today, they were so fun, I’m super pumped to teach. The students are all so engaged and quickly volunteer to answer questions and just for anything (unlike Canadian university students) The food is so good and so cheap, and like the ice cream is also super fantastic. I dig it. Aidan, Tan, and I spent a portion of this afternoon going through one of the malls here. It’s really cool and just like looking at all the different things is super fascinating, I could literally spend hours just looking. It’s really cool just watching and observing a culture so different but honestly so beautiful. The people are all super friendly and nice even with a language barrier, as we walk around there are people constantly saying “hi” and waving. I’m really stoked to see how the next little while is going to play out and what the father has in store because I’m super convinced that it’s gonna be incredible. Family, friends, I love you guys and I can’t wait to talk to you guys! See ya! 

Tanisha | May 5th

Today was a great day. It was one of those days where at the end of the day your vocal cords are sore and strained, and today this is because we were at Karaoke for SIX whole hours, and then played basketball after dinner. Before all of this we went to breakfast and went over our ESL Lessons and decided which ones we will be teaching throughout next week. Sitting in on one of the classes at the university here taught me a lot on how to effectively connect with students while learning, and I think that’s something I’m going to remember for a long time. We are so excited after connecting with some students, and are looking forward to continuing and building friendships. Karaoke was amazing today! The team bonded, we laughed, and we got to hangout with our new friends and their families. It was awesome to see how our friends invited people into their daily life to join in in something they love to do. I am learning a lot from them and from the Father here about what it means to bloom where you are planted. Basketball was also great, students joined us and it was SO much fun. It was really cool to see how the team reached out to people.It is beautiful here, we are excited to see what the Father will continue to do in us and in this place. Thank-you for all of your support! Can’t wait to share more soon!



Josh Reynolds