Team B | Update #2

Maria | May 2nd

Today has honestly been such a great day. Just like the past couple of days have been just awesome. Today  started off with being able to lead in worship which was is great, I love being able to worship and lead people in it, to watch them worshiping the Father. We got to talk about each city as a team and learn more about them.

I think I can say that everyone had a blast today as we went on the cable cars which was so cool, it gave us the opportunity to see absolutely everything, all of the forest  and trails, the trees, the ocean, people net fishing and just experiencing and admiring the Father’s creation. This brought us to the city on the Island, and with this being our last day together as the o team I think we spent it well touring. Getting to see the temples and other cultural landmarks and different parts of what makes up XXXX’s history definitely made it more real for me - most of the day I actually felt like I was at the Disneyland Epcot resort and I was watching for Mulan to come out of it - it was insanely beautiful, breath taking even. But as beautiful as everything was all I could see was how lost everyone is. They worship their idols and false gods, praying to them with a great amount of passion the way we pray to our Father. And it amazed me to see the great need these people have, how lost and how broken they are. I am finally starting to understand exactly why the Father called us here and as much as I didn’t want to, he has shown me why he has sent me here, hopefully I am speaking for all of us -but myself specifically - when I say that I am falling in love with the mission that we are called to. The father is revealing things to us daily teaching us new things. I am looking forward to ministries starting as today was our last day of leisure but to start ministry and get to do what we have been working and training for all year, and out that into the work the Father has for us.

Natasha | May 3rd

Well today we started a whole new line of sightseeing, we were helping some people cook and clean out some storage areas. There were a few minor injuries that required bandaids, but we’re all good. We went and looked at a bunch of animals on a pet store street, there were turtles for 10 dollars and the cutest puppies ever. I feel like I spent the entire day eating, we tried deep-fried french toast, pig large intestine (I hope there isn’t any food poisoning), stinky tofu, and we had dinner in a Japanese restaurant. We had a good day of bonding and we were very productive. We’ve already planed out what we’re going to do tomorrow, and I am excited to do a drama. I personally struggled a bit later on in the day with keeping my attitude up but the father was there for me and helped me to be patient and I think it worked out alright, and I learned that I might not always be the best at being cheerful but I’m not alone and the Father is never far from my side. 

Maia | May 4th

There are so many things I personally felt about today, but what I mostly felt personally was that the Father is breaking me down in bits and pieces for these people of HK. I just want to reach as many people I can, but that might not be the case in some situations. The Father showed his colours today through us with the drama we had performed today for a group of people. I think today, just looking at these people’s faces while doing the drama made me realize that the Father truly breaks you down, and once you are fully broken down you’ll be healed within the Father. I realize that I never had fully healed from certain things in my life.  I think I realize this now because I feel as if I haven’t felt as much  joy and excitement as everyone else on the team, I see it in their eyes and in their faces. I don’t know why I can’t feel what they are feeling but I know I am surprised I made it all the way to HK. I have been struggling a lot on this trip since almost day one. I don’t know why I am but I feel the need to fight this alone with the Father, but I just don’t know how to ask for help. I never have known, because I grew up rejected. But I’ve been asking the Father to help me in my down days and I sometimes feel as if He isn’t there. This week we’ve sort of talked about just being silent and listening to the Father. I struggle with this very much because I so want to sit and listen to the Father and I just can’t seem to hear him. I know that the father is by my side in my times of doubt and in my times like these ones the last couple days.

Markus | May 5

Today was a great day. We were out really late last night so we had a bit of a later start to this morning. We had breakfast and Emily shared something about the Father, which was really impactful. It was about suffering and how it can actually produce joy in our lives. Then we went out with Andrea who took us around her hometown and showed us the “Hollywood” of HK. We also had coffee from the top-rated coffee shop in all of HK. Then, we went out for Vietnamese and Thai food. I had probably the best curry I’ve ever eaten. But what was most impactful today was setting up the kids area for Sunday morning. The amount of dedication, hard work, and giant lego that goes into the preparation is crazy. What I’ve really been challenged by over this trip is doing all things with the joy of the Father. People here have this contagious, loud, attractive joy to all they do. It has already begun to reshape how I view doing the work of the Father. I have constantly asked myself “is the way I live my life marked by radical joy?” And in reflection, I have realized that the Father is teaching me how to be joyful in all seasons. It has been such a great trip so far and I can’t wait to see what continues to happen in the lives of people in HK as our joy of the Father becomes infectious!

Vanessa | May 6

Today was very jam-packed and left all of our team with very full hearts. We started off bright and early this morning and didn’t stop moving until late tonight. We got to see the team thrive as they played with and taught children this morning in such a fun and uplifting context. In the afternoon we got to split up and meet with a wide variety of people throughout the city, hearing their stories, offering encouragement, and sharing food. Later we got to experience bilingual worship and teaching at the top of a sky scraper. Not only was that an incredible setting, but we were also incredibly encouraged and challenged by what was being spoken about. I am loving being here and experiencing so many new things. What a time to be alive! 

One thing that I can’t help but be reminded of today is the sovereignty of the father and how he has helped us prepare so well for everything that we have encountered here. Nothing has been an accident and we are so excited to see what he is going to continue to do! Today has also prompted me to reflect on how I want to lead and live my life. I was so inspired by the humility, positivity, passion, and encouragement of one of our new friends here and it has shaped my view of how I want to work. I also realized today the power of the unity that we share with our friends all over the world. Though there are language barriers and cultural differences, we all share in a common purpose and hope and we’ve had an incredible opportunity to see that play out over our time spent here so far.  

James | May 7th

I have trouble remembering today just because it felt like a blur. Waking up at around 9:30 and going for breakfast was kinda fun then being launched straight into a school we have been to before to hang our was a good start. Soon after we were Brough to a ministry of troubled young adults who have been living in a great home with positive influences on their life. We sat around the room sharing Testimonies and I realized that its so easy to be vulnerable when people are producing vulnerability. Trust is so important and it was so easy to share when it was brought to my realization that we were all there for the same reason. Something that I was challenged by is a thought about leadership around the sharing time and in short it stated that Respect is very difficult if there is a lack of Trust. If you don’t feel like people can trust you, when you haven’t given them a reason not to trust, it feels like a judgment call. One thing the father taught me today, is that many of us are from the same tree. We all have broken backgrounds but that had never been clearer then today. The people Here in HK do really have the same issues that we struggle with in Canada with families and Gangs. But one thing that unites us is the love of the Son to us. But that in short what today was, and im so incredibly stoked to eventually meet up with the rest of the teams and converse about what has happened in the weeks spend here in Asia.


Josh Reynolds