Team A | Update #2

Jeremiah | May 3

The day has come to take a small journey from one amazing group of people, to many groups of amazing people. From Hot and Humid to slightly Hotter and just as humid, and all of the culture that follows with it. Our team has keep up a great amount of enthusiasm and moral as we moved heavy bags large distances by foot bus and train. Very sore feet, beating hot sun and enough sweat to fill a kiddy pool wasn’t enough to break this team and I am excited to see my team face all of our struggle with the same energy. I have personally loved the chance to not only eat in this culture but to see it, and all different aspects of it during our day’s travel. The saying that “everything that people say about **** is true somewhere” rained true for us as we saw so many different parts of culture and the country that were so different, similar, unexpected and just beautiful. Our Father has done amazing things in this country and I can’t wait to see what else he will do.  This country is full of Love, people, and opportunities from anything to happen and it excites me and my team as we think of the endless possibilities is this abundantly rich culture. I can not wait to see all of the things to come on this extraordinary trip with our father with us the whole time.

Steve | May 4

Today was so much more than I could have ever imagined or planned for. We’ve spent a lot of time this year organizing and planning out our ESL classes; this was the first of many days to come where we teach English to university students. Everyone in our classes were incredibly respectful and kind; the best audience I have ever experienced! Their English was very good-  they told us that they had been taught our language since they were 12 and are now working hard to Major in English. The Asian culture thinks highly of success; these students have made it through many challenges just to that they could go to school. My highlight was a conversation I had with one of our students about how success should not be everything in life. They told me that too many people in Asia live life with so much stress, “It is better to enjoy life and have different experiences, than to only life for success.” This particular student was very curious about where she found her fulfillment. My hope is that she comes to know the father who alone gives us our purpose and eternal satisfaction. This is our hope for all the students; they are loved, valued and worth fighting for. Asia is a vibrant, busy, fun and beautiful culture. Underneath it all, however, is our broken culture that is in need of the Father. Please keep talking to the father on our behalf as we teach 2-4 classes a day

Jim | May 5

It was a day full of special moments. From the street vendor fruit lady with the non-stop smile who cut up our mangoes, offered us seats and turned on the fan to keep us cool to the 3 students who attended our morning ESL class (there was supposed to be 10) but then came for lunch along with a half dozen of yesterday’s students (none of them wanted lunch to end) to meeting up with college students, youth and other friends for games in the park.  We were having so much fun that random park-goers decided they wanted to join in, too.  Games with strangers … Asian and Canadian, friends and not-yet friends, family and not-yet family.  Community at its best! By the end almost 100 people were laughing together in this park by the oceanfront.  Then, as if the hotpot lunch wasn’t gourmet enough, about 40 of us went to a restaurant by the park and had North Eastern food, family style.  Lots of stuff most had never had before, and all of it incredibly good!  But, most of all, our souls were fed by the beauty of generosity, stories of changed hearts, and the inspiration of wise, deeply committed people who labour here with joy and passion.

Leanna | May 6

What a day to remember! Over and over I caught myself in awe of how amazing the day has been, although we didn’t teach any classes we got the opportunity to spend some time having breakfast and a small devo hosted by an amazing friend. Within the hour many youth came and joined us, playing piano, and guitar. Over all just being a hoot and a half. Later that evening a couple of us got the opportunity to play sports with kids. Ending the day with my favourite highlight so far, leaving my handprints covered in paint on a white wall of a new children’s library. Over all the day was incredible and its been amazing to see how each day continues to get better and my cheeks continue to hurt from smiling and laughing so much.

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Josh Reynolds