Team C | Update #1

Delaney | April 29th

As we loaded up our bags on the bus and waved goodbye to the Summit students it finally hit me that we were going to Asia. Up until that moment it didn’t seem quite real, but let me tell you, things got real. Our day of travel began as we arrived at the Vancouver airport, and we soon found out that our flight was being delayed until 2:30, which then turned into 4:00. Complimentary meal vouchers were given to us and we were able to eat some free food which was definitely a bonus even though we had been delayed! When we finally got onto the flight I was amazed at how big the plane was compared to other planes I’ve been on, and I was very thankful for that as I’m not too fond of turbulence! The 14 hours didn’t seem as long as I thought it would be, although arriving at night time in Asia was different as for us as at home it would have been the early hours of the morning. Arriving in the airport in Asia definitely brought on the humidity, and reminded us of the exhaustion from the long day of travel, but overall I think that we were all excited for two things: sleep, and the incredible adventures that the Father is going to take us on this trip!

April 30th Preston

This morning was pretty relaxed, we got up and ate our first meal in Asia! Toast and cereal, it was a great start to a great day. After breakfast we had a session where we learned about safety and culture. We then watched Team B present their ESL lesson and it was great because we got to hear some pointers that will help us when we present ours. After that it was time for lunch which was also great. After lunch we then had another session about currency which was very helpful. And now finally it was time to head out onto the town, we experienced the MTR(subway) and a lot of walking. We ended up walking all the way to the tram to then when we found out it was a two hour wait we turned around and went to a bus station, once we got there we hopped on and rode up a mountain. When we finally got to our destination, which was called The Peak, we ate dinner at Burger King. The Peak is a place with an amazing look out of the city, it was a picture perfect experience. It came time to depart from The Peak and so we took the tram down, now this experience was awesome! The tram basically traveled straight down the mountain and it was very steep which I loved. After the tram we made our way back to the MTR to head home. After we got off at our last stop we were able to experience our first 7-11 abroad where people bought snacks and beverages. We arrived at home and our day was over.

Kim | May 1st

Today was fun! We hung out at the house and worked on our presentations for a bit of the morning, then we spent time in our groups of ladies and the guys spent time together also. Then we ended up watching a presentation. Then we were taken to a big market. In the middle of the street there were so many people, and they were pushing. There were so many things and smells, which was a little overwhelming at times but it was ok. We went out for dinner and got to try out some food from this country, and it was funny because the girls kept trying to use chopsticks and were having so much troubles. The staff at the restaurant wanted to take a photo with us as they thought that we were funny when we were trying to eat. We saw a model that was doing a photo shoot and she was so pretty. Then we went to a big laser light show and it was so cool. The buildings were flashing and really out there. We also learned a little history of how some of the places and islands were formed. We then saw an old ship that was about a 100 years old, which was so beautiful. Then we came home and did debriefing and then headed to bed. The trip has been fun. I can’t wait to see what the next day will bring.

May 2nd | Anneleis

Today was a good day! We got up this morning and had breakfast and then had a couple of sessions that went over some of the things that we are supposed to be doing and some of our schedules for the next few weeks. After that we ate lunch and I was able to eat it! After lunch we took a half hour subway ride and then went on a cable car that had an absolutely amazing view. When we got on the first subway train Delaney and I got squished on the train and were pressed against the door in order to fit on the train. I had to hug her from the back in order to avoid being squished by the closing doors. We then got to the cable car we waited in line for a bit and met some super nice Japanese people in the same cable car. When we reached the end of the cable ride we walked around for a couple hours and looked at the tourist attractions that were around. We were able to take some amazing pictures and walked some absolutely insane stairs to go see one tourist attraction. When it came to dinner time we walked around in order to find food in our budget which was a little tricky. With my allergies I had to wait to eat, but I had a super overpriced Starbucks that was really good. When we were coming back we came across a big water display that had water shooting up out of the ground. A bunch of OMEGA's started running through it and Julie got sprayed in the face and a number of people came away soaking wet. We came back to where we were staying after that and then Reena and Josiah took me out to a small Japanese restaurant in order to get food that I could eat. After that we came back and we finished our day.

May 3rd | Jonah

Today was filled with a vast spectrum of emotions. This morning we said goodbye to teams A, B, and D as well as the directors and the program interns with many hugs and tears. That is the last we will see of them for the next couple weeks. It was bittersweet but there is still adventure to come. After we bid them all farewell, we had some time to kill before we caught our plane to the mainland so we went for a walk in the streets of downtown. We visited a wet market and got to see the locals selling fresh fish from the tank to the chopping block as well as chicken feet and what I believe was cow tongue. I wanted to buy a fish or maybe a few chicken feet and cook it up so badly but I got a hard NO from Jo and Reen. What a shame. After the market we went out for Japanese food. I got mushroom and veggie ramen with Japanese tea which was probably the best part of my day. No, the chicken feet was by far the best part. After the good eatin' we grabbed our bags started our trek consisting of subways, magnet trains, and planes to our next chapter of our trip. Anyways, love you mum and dad.

May 4 | Julie

This morning I had corn and fried chicken, breakfast in Asia is definitely a lot different than in Canada. Even the simplicity of the different varieties of food in the morning, is causing me to see the major difference in Asian culture and our own. However, having fried chicken and corn for breakfast wasn't the only out of routine thing I did today. Today at Green Lake I was able to participate in traditional Asian dances with a group of elders (which they definitely got a kick out of, because dancing is most certainly not my forte), I was able to try traditional Asian food at a restaurant with one of those cool tables that spins the dishes around, which saves the awkwardness of trying to pass your dishes across the table to the others you are sharing a meal with, and lastly, I used a 'squaty potty' for the second time today, which I won't get into detail about but all I can say is, I'm getting the hang of it. Trying out all these new things was a great experience because I love getting a feel for how different cultures operate and getting a better glimpse at how they live life. The people and culture of Asia are definitely taking up a spot in my heart, and I can't wait to delve even deeper into the way things work here and to continue to have wonderful interactions with these beautiful people. So with that, here's to the next couple weeks of new things, encounters and great adventures!

Josh Reynolds