Team B | Update #1

James | April 29th

The Big day I thought to myself getting out of bed in the morning. What everyone on the O-Team had been preparing for physically, mentally, spiritually and practically was finally able to be put to use. Getting on to the bus with tears in my eyes, the father taught me selfless love as people had gotten up early for no other reason then to say congrats and goodbye. Going further into the travel aspect of Day 1, I learned that my attitude had significantly improved as the plane was delayed and I was able to keep a steady attitude, not becoming bitter or upset. Realistically, this wasn’t me. it was The Father instilling Joy into me in these moments, but id like to think different. Finally, I learned how people can attach themselves to you so strongly and then say a bitter sweet Goodbye, but know in full confidence that you’ll see them again. This ultimately filled me with joy and hope for my various relationships I was able to make throughout the year. The father will be making many more relationships in Asia, so ask the father to foster those and allow them to grow easily.


Branden | April 30th

Wow, today was an absolute journey. Starting with on boarding and informational sessions, we learned so much about the culture and the work that the GW’s are doing here! Not only did I learn about the work that is happening, I was expose to the fact that the father cares for the one. This is such an overlooked statement I think because on trips we tend to focus on how many people we can help guide to the saving grace, but here in Asia, it is more important to be relational. The entire culture is focused on relationships, whether someone is going to help another in a time of need is based on their relational status. This is such a cool thought to me because as we develop relationships with the people that we will be in contact with, we are able to focus on the one, and the father shows us that the one is so important through the teachings of his son. I don’t know what it is, but this place has already found a place in my heart. 

Emily | May 1st

Today was such a great day! I think I can speak on behalf of everyone when I say that because I’ve heard great reports and neat stories all around. We had a really good group devotional time this morning. After worship and a word from Jase, we were encouraged to just spend some personal time with the Father. I read in Isaiah 60 about how there will come a day when the sun will no longer be our light because the Father will be our everlasting light. It reminded me that I am to be led by the Father and not by the world. It reminded me to be aware of the Spirit and keep in step with Him so that He can use me here in Asia and beyond this trip. 

We went further into the city today and it was soooooo cool! The buildings are HUGE, there are so many lights, and there are so many people!!!!! It’s definitely hard for us to not stand out. We’re clearly North American and we are so much more animated and charismatic than the people here. They often just walk while they do something on their phones and they don’t show any expressions. On the flip side, we’re looking around in every direction, we’re used to joking and pushing each other around, we’re always talking, and we show diversity in our facial expressions. 

I’m loving this place and I feel like I’ve learned so much already in just these first couple of days. I’m looking forward to the days to come! Please continue to think of us

Josh Reynolds