Team A | Update #1

Sam | April 29th

And so it begins!! Today was full of many travels, and with that, many good conversations. Even from these first couple of hours together on this trip I have had the chance to learn so much from the people on our team and the wise overseers who have joined us. This will surely be a fantastic trip! There is an excitement that continues to build within our team for this trip and all that will take place. It will certainly be an adventure over these next couple of week, as we discover that the father has in store for us. I am sure that this is just the beginning an incredible experience where we will be challenged, stretched, and grown as a team. We are so happy to be embarking on this journey today. Thank you for thinking of us as go!

Aly | April 30th

From humid weather to crowded streets to being hit with a thousand different smells as we walk through the streets of Asia, my heart begins to fall in love with this place I said I would never go to. Over the past two days I have had the privilege of meeting many people who have many stories to tell and wisdom to give. Through them I have been inspired to foster life change in my heart. My thought in coming here was “Father, I want to be changed,” and I am already seeing that at the very beginning of our time here. As I continue to talk with my father and get to know the people who surround me, I am encouraged to be consistent when I cannot hear from the father, and to choose joy. Coming here I am choosing to give all I can to Him and those I meet, confident that in giving my all I will see change in myself.

Tae-oh | May 1st

The things that I have learned in this short amount of time can almost be labeled as overwhelming, but the Father has a good way of putting things into perspective. In the two days that my team has been in Asia, emotions ranging from sadness that the year has ended all the way to amazement and wonder have yet to cease. I am constantly reminded that this trip is not just an ordinary vacation, no, this is a humanitarian trip to show people the love of the Father in ways that could only happen on a global scale. I am noticing the need for relationship and fellowship everywhere I go. Even today, one person – out of 7 million – recognized our accents and asked us if we were Canadian, this to me is amazing and it shows how hungry people are for community. We as humans tend to stick together and like to understand one another; knowing that, I believe this can be presented as a very good opportunity to open up to our surroundings and work for the Father. I am also noticing that thinking and asking is a good way to look for solutions to some dilemmas. 

Josh Reynolds