Team D | Update #1

Ana | April 28th

Today was a long and exciting day of travel. We arrived at the airport, checked in and got to our gate, and ended up being delayed for a bit of time. We made the most of it and explored the airport, and eventually loaded onto the plane for our 14.5 hour flight. It was incredible to see the changing landscapes from the plane! We kept ourselves entertained through movies, games, and some attempted to sleep but only a luckily few were able to sleep soundly through the flight. Once we landed in the evening and stepped off the plane we were hit with the humidity and excitement of being in a new place. We met our new friends and boarded a bus to our residence for the next couple of days. We are thrilled to be here and are ready to take on whatever may come. But first, sleep. Here's to whatever we will experience in the next days! 

Caleb | April 30th

Hello friends, family, and loved ones of Team D! If you’re not in one of those categories, hello to you as well! If you don’t know me, my name is Caleb, and I am Team D’s intern! I have had the honour and privilege of leading this amazing team throughout the year, and now I have the privilege of leading them on this trip, which, by the way, is off to a great start!

Today we went through some solid training and information sessions about how to conduct ourselves in a RAN context. One of the biggest safety tips: don’t get hit by a car. Apparently pedestrians don’t get the right of way... ever. Good to know. (Don’t worry Mom and Dad. Nobody on any team has ever been hit...yet. Think it’s a good opportunity for me to make some history?)

After our training, we were taken through the subway system (which is very easy and intuitive to use by the way) to a bus. The bus took us up to a beautiful lookout point where we had dinner and enjoyed the view of the city before heading back home.

It’s been a good first full day. The team is excited and interested in the culture and all the things surrounding us. They send you their love! Thank you for your prayers and support, and continue to think about us and pray for us as we continue our beginning of trip training and prepare to embark on the rest of our adventure. That’s it for me, at least for now! Peace out friends!

Jacob | May 1st

What a day, what a day! Day 2 in the city has been a blast! First we had a great session about social practices which became very helpful for when we went out and explored the markets and restaurants of the city. It truly is amazing to see how such a small area can be packed with so much culture, not to mention people. What an experience it was observing all the neat items the market had in store  for us. Getting into the action and seeing how well we could do at price bartering just added on to the experience. To round up the market, it was a lot of laughs and a lot of interesting things. And to end the evening we ventured to the harbour overlooking an island which was an array of dragon boats and a beautiful city scape. The buildings alone was breathtaking but as the light show in the city took place it took it to a whole other level. The perfect ending to day 2! 

Josh Reynolds