Team D | Update #3

Caleb - May 9th

Friends, family, loved ones! Hello! I feel like it’s been forever since my last chance to say hi to you all with this blog! Good to talk to you again! Things are going super smoothly for Team D over here in Asia. We are in the full swing of things teaching English now, and we are having a great time. One of our team was not feeling so hot this morning, so I stepped in and got to teach every class of the day! It was a blast teaching about greetings and idioms, and I loved getting to know the students. We have been connecting with them lots, going out for lunch and spending time with them. Today Jacob, Aidan, J-So and I went out with Jeremy, a student we have met a few times this week. Getting to know him over lunch at his favourite restaurant was incredible! After more teaching and a quick dinner, we spent the evening with our new friends Jim and Eva, who are students here as well. They both enjoy board games, so we played with them! I taught the team how to play Bohnanza (shout out to the Hanson family for teaching me how to play that one) and we also played Monopoly Deal. It’s crazy to me how relational we get to be. I had assumed that we would be doing mainly teaching, but we have spent more time getting to know students outside of class than in it, and it has been amazing! We have built real relationships that I will be sad to say goodbye to when we leave, but I am grateful that we have the chance to build on these relationships while we are here. We love you and we miss you all! Can’t wait to tell you all our stories. I have one more blog entry before the end of the trip so talk to you all in 9 days!

Jacob - May 10th

What a day, oh what a day! After breakfast this morning the team had a packed day with classes and lunch plans with students at the university. The first block of teaching today was very interesting .One of the members of the team felt faint and I had to literally carry them on my back to get them back to hotel so that they could rest for awhile. As I was carrying them I was just feeling thankful that during the school year we had OMEGA fitness to keep me in shape! But all in all, the situation was handled beautifully and they are now okay, which is great! The rest of the day was full of teaching and making new friends, also eating more amazing food as per usual. As every day goes on I continue to enjoy being here more and more because of the breath taking campus and the great people we have the opportunity to meet and just all the friendly faces around us on a daily basis. At the end of the day we went to dinner with our hosts and bunch of students, then we babysat the kids for a couple hours. So to sum up my night I have three words. Joy, laughter, and ice cream. And all in all I couldn’t ask to be put into a better team. These people that I have the pleasure to serve with are all just so amazing. I wish I had space to continue on that thought, but I don’t so I leave you with that we had a very tiring but fantastic day teaching and we all can’t wait to see what tomorrow has in store for us. 

Aidan - May 11th

Today was our last day teaching ESL in our present location! Some of us woke up early to connect with a student at 8 a.m., but the rain forced the cancellation of plans. We had two morning blocks of ESL with two different groups of Team D members, which went well! We’ve had some health issues over the week, but we persevered today as a team! At lunchtime, I had a great chance to connect with a great student named Michael. We hung out and ate fried meat buns, which were really good. We had an awesome time connecting about a variety of subjects. After lunch, we had our last class! We forgot our binder of materials, but we remembered it off by heart, so it offered no issues! It went well, and Jeremy and I had a hilarious time doing a skit for the students. After class we took some time to debrief during the day, and then headed to get dinner at a Muslim noodle shop that we’d eaten at before. They were delicious, let me tell you! Afterwards, we took some time to do a big midtrip debrief. We are now at the halfway point of our trip, and the experiences have been primarily positive and inspiration up until now! I can't wait for the next two weeks of time here!

Graham - May 12

Classes are over! The team had an amazing time teaching English greetings and idioms! Being able to talk and connect with students has been such an amazing experience for Team D. We enjoyed having fun and being able to teach students new things! The team had a day off of classes so we went to the museum! It was a awesome experience and learning more about the culture adds to the experience. After the museum we went back to our old favourite western food pizza! After a long week of teaching the team sure loved the pizza. We took a trip back to the orphanage and the kids were so excited to see us again. We played games and gave some kids english names. They loved it so much! We love spending time with the kids here to see the smiles and the laughs makes our day. Near the end of the day the team wanted to see a movie. So we went to see the new superhero movie “The Avengers!” The team loved it and it was a great way to end the day. We enjoyed teaching so much and are so happy at the chance to have this experience! We can’t wait to keep putting smiles on the people around us! 

Tanisha - May 13th

Today was a FUN and really cool day. This morning we slept in after a long but worthwhile night at the Avengers, getting back to the hotel just after 2am. It was a beautiful morning!. Then we went to lunch with our friends who we have grown to love VERY much at the first restaurant we ate at. The team then went to an amusement park with the kids and on the log ride, it started to POUR! I wasn’t even there because I was working on something, but I could hear the rain loud from inside. It was a little crazy for the team but an experience to remember, we laughed about it for the rest of the day. We went to fellowship after this and it was so cool to see the connections we made throughout the week come together and get to meet with people again. We learned so much from our time being here. The team did did a drama at fellowship, and I got to speak which was so fun. After this we ate at a classic- McDonalds with some students and friends one last time. We then said goodbye to ours hosts and friends. There were many happy laughs and tears. Our friends and the lessons we learned here are experiences we will not soon forget. It is sad to say goodbye, but we are so thankful, and so looking forward to what we will get to do next!

Chantiel - May 14th

Today we left our first destination! It was sad to say goodbye but it was exciting to be on the next part of our adventure. We got up nice and early and headed to the bus station. We caught our bus with no problems and headed to our next destination. We arrived to beautiful weather! it is hot here but not super humid! It is really beautiful here, I love it already! We to cabs from the bus station to our hotel and on the way we got to see a bit of the area and it is so nice! We got checked into our hotel and it is so nice! We are definitely going to be comfortable. Once we got all settled in we went for lunch at bunch of dishes (where you just order a bunch of dishes and everyone has some of everything). It was so good and we got to try jellyfish and caramelized sweet potato which was so so so good! after lunch we got to go to the pool! It is still funny how everyone stares at us all the time! After the pool we got to relax a bit before we went to dinner. We went to a Muslim noodle shop for dinner and it was amazing! after dinner the girls and Aidan went the mall for some shopping while the rest of the guys got massages. It was a very nice rest day.


Josh Reynolds