Team C | Update #2

May 8th – Preston

Today we went to the Migrant School again for our second day of teaching ESL, playing games, and singing songs. It was another early morning, we left at 7:30 which gave us a little wiggle room once we got to the school. Once we got there we started teaching, our first class of the day was a little rough but it got better as the day went on. We taught three classes in the morning and then it was lunch. Lunch today was really good, I was the second one done which never happens. After we ate us guys joined a game of basketball with the students and some teachers. The game was really competitive and it was also very hot outside. We played full court so I got pretty tired pretty quickly and I got really sweaty really fast. After that we had two more classes which were a blast, the kids were speaking great English. We then left the school and made our way back to the hotel, once we got back we had about an hour to relax and get ready to go to the village again. At 4:40 we made our way back up to the village where we waited until the kids finished their homework and then we taught some more English. Jonah and myself then played a game of basketball with the older guys, my team won obviously. Haha. We then went out to eat at a new place and it kinda made me sick, but I am still alive so it is ok!

May 9th – Kim

WOW I cant believe that this is our last night here, we head off to our next destination tomorrow. I wish that we could spend more time here. We taught the kids some more ESL and music and games. The kids have been really great and I am going to miss them, the smiles that are on there faces have been encouraging to us as well as them always waving at us. The shop keepers daughter was following Reena around today again and was looking for her, I got to play patty cake with her which she just slapped my hand, Oh yea she is only maybe 2-3 years old but she is really strong. Saying goodbye to the kids was hard. Some of them gave us hugs and it was great. Then we came back to the hotel for a bit to rest. Our hosts came out for hotpots tonight with us and we were able to encourage them, the talks we had with them were great and we are going to miss them. The hotpots was so good we each got to make our own and it was great. Then we had ice cream I really like the sweet milk ice cream and am going to try to find it in Canada. We all wish that we didn't have to leave but we have to we look forward to what the Father has in store for us in our next destination. But this place will always be in my thoughts. Who knows maybe I might come back?

May 10th – Anneleis 

Today we left for our next destination. It was a sad but happy goodbye to a place that I had fallen so in live with. We said goodbye to our main hosts and that was a hard thing to do as he had a very big impact in each of our lives. He was super intentional in the ways that he communicated with us and spoke into each and every one of our lives. After we said our goodbye at the airport we went to McDonald's and ate American food for the first time in a long time. It wasn't as good as I thought it would be, and I wished that I had been able to eat a salad. We traveled back to our new place and got all settled in and did some mini sessions about what we are going to going to be doing this week. After all that we went out for dinner and went on an adventure to find good food that wasn't going to be too out there to eat. We had our mid trip debrief after that which went really well. At the very end of the night we were able to call home and talk to our families for 10 min, and it was a happy but sad moment for some of us and although I absolutely love it here I miss home.

May 11th – Jonah

Today was sick. We got to sleep in and eat breakfast at 9am and then had a meeting about our new scheduled for the duration of our time in HK. After we got the low down on what the next eight sticky days were going to be like, we foot bombed our way to the MTR and rode it to a place where we could get Dim Sum which is some type of food. Unfortunately, there was like a 20 person line up so we had to settle for Vietnamese food. I ate this beef soup stuff with noodley things called Pho and it was the but we were running late so I had to eat it faster then a Jack Russel on a diet. I almost threw up but it was a great experience. After that we went to meet up with our contact and rode the MTR to the most densely populated area in the world. There we hung out with some locals, ate some chicken rice and dumplings and place some music and games while enjoying good fellowship. I played the drums for the first time since the stone age which was an experience in itself but I think we did good. I think our adventures in Asia are going to be greater then we can imagine. Love you mum and dad, I'm looking forward to my garden shed :)

Josh Reynolds