Team A | Update #4

Cody - May 10th

As the days Go on, The Father continues to show me His amazing wonder in the cities that we travel to; The Father has opened up my heart to the people, the culture, the warm hearts and big smiles. Throughout my trip I have learned that The Father works through everyday mundane situations to bring people to Him. That my questions about The Father as well as life are some of the same questions that the Asian students have, whom I seem to connect well with. Also, I have learned that you can be surprised, everyday, by The Father’s love through the people around you. I have learned that The Father’s love can push others to have amazing resiliency and perseverance through the hard times. Please continue to Think about me and my time here in Asia, continue to ask The Father for His plan to unfold in my life.

Sam - May 11

So today was a good day full so many laughs, so much food, and also a bit of a bitter sweet feeling as we will be experiencing a change of scenery over the next few days. Although we have enjoyed our time in this city I am so excited for what more is to come! Over the course of the past couple days I have just been in awe of what the father is doing. There have been moments when we have been tired and we have had to push ourselves to teach classes and connect with people regardless, but boy oh boy has it ever been worth it! Father is hard at work here and even though we may not always be able to see the results, I am a firm believer that great things are taking place and will continue to take place in this city long after we are gone. So excited to see what great adventure is in store for us next and what great things we will experience and get to be a part of! We appreciate all the thoughts you have been sending our way, they are very needed and we are so thankful for them.

Tae-oh - May 12

Wonder, this has been the constant theme for me on this trip so far. Time and time again, the Father has been showing me the beauty of His works; but He has also shown me how much people are in desperate need of Him. This trip has been an eye opening reminder of the brokenness in the world, and I don’t mean just in Asia. Asia and its people have a great thirst for the Father and it is being tirelessly worked on at this very moment. Our hosts have seriously inspired me to think about joining their ranks to further build the Kingdom. However, this trip has also opened my eyes to the reality of Canada and its abandonment of the Father. The passion and love that has been displayed by the Family members here in Asia really show the lack there of in Canada. Because of the work that my team and I are doing in Asia, I believe that there is a great amount of hope that we can bring back to the voided nation of Canada. The wonder that I have experienced in the people here and the land itself is something that I thank our Father so much for giving me this opportunity to grow and think. Please continue to ask the Father for guidance and mercy on my tram and all of the others that are spread across Asia. Also, I ask for the Father’s hand of protection over the Family Members here as the Enemy tries to infiltrate their lives through the darkness that has grown here.

Josh Reynolds